Division & Distractions


Activities For Grown Folks

Black vs white,

LGBT vs Straight,

Black vs Gay,

Democrat vs Republican,

White vs Hispanic,

Men vs Women

In America there are many divisions and distractions. While you’re at each others throats and on your electronic devices, Corporations are making huge amounts of profit, off of you.

Sex, violence, and keeping people at odds sell like nobodies business. Even in the most simplistic of ways. For example, sports is divisive by its very nature. Team or solo, you are taught to pick a side. It should be all fun and games, but how many arguments have you witnessed, or even been in over people you don’t even know?

Politics are in the same boat. It’s a sophisticated distraction.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 1.01.03 AM.png

We get so caught up in the back and forth banter from slicked tongued salesman, that we  often end up not holding those who are supposed to work for us, up on…

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