Our Story


My Story: I was once a woman that wore every name/label but my own. It has taken a lot of experience, time, wasted money and eventually my peace to realize, being fabulous is not determined by an expansive wardrobe, how much your home is worth or how many vehicles one has parked in her driveway. For with this ideology, the more you get, the more you want, and that simply becomes unsustainable. Notice I didn’t say the the brands that complement your frame and style, the neighborhood or community in which you enjoy being a contributing member, or the vehicle you love to drive. Understand, while Brand “A” is presentable, Brand “B” brings about a confidence that encourages elevated ideas and thinking. The latter empowers you, while the former will eventually rival that of imprisonment. Simply put…quality over quantity. When in doubt, ALWAYS go with the brand that is going to ADD VALUE to your life….even and/or especially if it is your own.