How in the Heck do you spend 12-15 billion dollars on a wall that separates Mexico from America!!!!

Dear America,

Disclaimer, I am not against nor for Trump. I got my family up and voted on November 2,2016. I Voted for one of the two parties that I knew would WIN. In my opinion, to have done otherwise gave you no power and you could have honestly made better use of your time. I could go on and on with that one, but I’ll save that for another time. Also, I am in my feeling right now.

I am going to make this simple for every American. I am speaking to African, Asian, Black, Caucasian, Indian, Hispanic, Mexican and any other group that has made America their home….How could we allow OUR TAXES…OUR RESOURCES to be used to keep “illegals” out instead of fixing what is “wrong and illegal” within this country. Education, health care, infrastructure, transportation, roads, police, crime, childcare, housing and our government systems are failing. How much good could be done, in America, for the AMERICAN PEOPLE with that money?

I get Trump wants to charge a 20% tariff (bully Mexico) to offset this wall and in doing so could consequently create jobs here in the States. I wonder if anyone is actually THINKING about how much these “jobs” are going to pay.

I am not here to sway anyone one way or the other; But please, for the sake of self preservation, ask yourself how you really  feel and think about these 3 statements….Then do something about it…..

  1. America has gone on this crusade about Anti-bullying then turns around and commits that same offense with Mexico and Ford (if we are being honest).
  2.  The jobs that may or may not come back to the States don’t seem to be the type of jobs that will pay well enough to get those employed back into the middle class. Let us not forget… The assembly line is mainly a robotic system. Maybe we could make education/training  more accessible so that those “jobs” can be highly skilled and well paying.
  3. The elephant in the room is….This wall is to deter people with little to no money. This wall isn’t going to keep the criminal element out… Much like Trump, they have resources that make this “Wall” laughable at best. Seems to me, America would rather investigate, tap, catch  and imprison the guy selling a $20 bag of weed; Meanwhile, the Opium farmer waltz’s into any and all American International airports greeted by smiles and a handshake from those politicians whom had been “cooperating” from the beginning.

This is my take. I’d love to hear yours.