Evolution of a Bus Driver

Great introduction to “THE 3 DAVES”. Check him out on livefromwoodward.com , thecouchsports.com and of course publictransitassociation.com .

I ❤️ Transit

Do you remember the Chappelle Show skit, called the 3 Dave’s? Well, this is very similar. But it’s the bus driver addition! It took a few years, but I’ve realized, driving is apart of my being. It’s instrumental in shaping me into who I am.

When I’m behind the wheel I feel I am the best driver in America — dare say the world. Driving a bus is the one thing I’m borderline arrogant about. However you have to be on your toes, it’s pure multitasking, decision making, and so much more going on than what the average passenger sees.

Along the way I’ve learned patience, mastered the art of small talk, and I have met some cool people along the way. I want to share a bit about “The Dave” with those who don’t know my background:

Foothill Transit

Circa 2011. Have no clue what I was “pondering”…

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Because We ❤️ the 90’s

This has to speak to all of you 30 something’s..Love it.. What’s the 411…Let me know, Hun?

Activities For Grown Folks

You smell it?


It must be Friday!

Which means it’s time to flash back to the greatest decade in the history of mankind!

This era was the golden era! What wasn’t the shit back then?  I mean there was great everything. There was,



What you know about TLC?

Not many Groups broke onto the scene, with the impact these three made! Hat 2 Da Back, Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg, Baby-Bay-Baby and so many others. You know you singing along.

Really the 90’s was the era for groups. This piece is dedicated to my homies!!

I see you leaning. Now straighten up for

Boyz II Men,


groups like En Vogueen-vogue

there was SWV,


there was Xscape


and Jodeci


just to name a few.

But it didn’t stop there, I told you, this was the Golden Era!

Solo acts were abundant!

We had Mary J…

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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 44

Ya’ll have done it again…. Wonderful show!!!

Activities For Grown Folks

Celebrities selling out for a quick buck (1:40-7:50), NBA Talk & The Joys of Pettiness (7:52-13:36)  Capitalizing on laziness (13:37- 21:05), Self responsibility is Taboo (21:10-35:50) Falcons vs Patriots [With a few sidebars (35:55-41:07),  Baseball Talk (41:10-43:15) Tareau & Dave reminisce about music taste and the Bay Area in the 90’s (43:23-52:15) Let’s Recycle the Bullshit (52:17-56:00) Pleasantries (56:01-End)


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